Bitbns lists three more coins – IXT, ODEM and Skycoin

The crypto bear market has not stopped Indian cryptocurrency exchanges from adding more crypto assets on their platform. Bitbns has just added three new tokens on their platform – IXT, ODEM and Skycoin – taking the total number of cryptocurrencies on their platform to 65, the most offered by any Indian exchange. Deposits, withdrawals and trading for these tokens is already live on Bitbns.

Here’s a little bit of background information around the coins:

IXT (IXT) – The utility token is designed to help the insurance sector by providing a blockchain-based marketplace with an aim to bring together connections and promote business opportunities. The coin is trading at Rs 4 on Bitbns while it is trading at $0.055 in the international markets at the time of writing.

ODEM (ODE) – ODEM is a project from the education sector with an aim to provide quality education through its accessible and affordable blockchain-powered platform. With ODEM, students and educators can interact with each other without intermediaries. The project aims to become the future of digital education. The coin is trading at around Rs 23 on Bitbns and $0.243 in the international markets.

Skycoin (SKY) – A project with a vision to fulfil Satoshi’s original vision of a fully decentralized digital currency. According to their website, they claim to have the most advanced blockchain platform in the world with more bandwidth, storage and computational power. They also say that Skycoin is more secure and scalable compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is trading at Bitbns for Rs 140 while its international price is around $1.43.

It will be interesting to see whether Indian investors show an interest in these markets following the downward slide of the market today.

Image credit: Bitbns

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