TRON crosses one million user accounts faster than Ethereum

Popular cryptocurrency project TRON (TRX) has crossed more than 1 million user accounts, according to data available on This should definitely be good news for the thousands of supporters of TRX who constantly hail it as the next big thing. 

Misha Lederman, co-founder of TRON’s community project, tweeted about this development and even compared TRON’s performance to arch-rival Ethereum’s journey. He pointed out that Ethereum took 18 months after the mainnet launch to reach the 1 million mark whereas TRON achieved this number in only 6 months. 

While Lederman remained extremely bullish about TRON’s prospects, other critics tweeted that the Ethereum network had reached the million mark at a time when the crypto market did not have mainstream interest from users. Some even said that the low price of TRX does not make it a worthy competitor to Ethereum.

The battle-lines between Ethereum and TRON have clearly been drawn – Who will cross the finish line in 2019?


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