TRX Migration from ERC20 token to TRON’s own blockchain begins on June 21

In this Tron news update, we look at Tron Foundation’s recent TRX migration announcement. Ahead of its public blockchain mainnet release on May 31, Tron Foundation has published a TRX migration notice which sheds some light on the timeline for TRX migration from ERC20 token to a cryptocurrency on Tron’s own public blockchain. TRX migration will be on June 21, 2018, and all transactions will be frozen from June 22 to June 23. The migration will be complete on June 24, 2018 which will mean that TRON will not be an ERC20 token anymore.

For cryptocurrency investors who have kept TRX on the exchanges, this transition will happen automatically. Tron foundation has not revealed steps for those investors who keep TRON coin on their own ERC20 token compatible wallets. For now, we recommend investors to wait and see if they publish any further updates. If not, investors will have to transfer their TRX to an exchange which will support the mainnet transition. We do expect all leading exchanges such as Binance to support the TRX migration.

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