Top Five Cryptocurrency Market Trends for 2019

As the year draws to a close, we have seen many ‘expert’ price predictions for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies completely missing the mark. As we look ahead at 2019, we decided to stay away from price predictions and focus on the fundamental factors that will have an impact on the cryptocurrency market.

So, here are our top five cryptocurrency predictions for 2019:

  1. Enterprise adoption –  Enterprises have been slowly exploring the blockchain space through some pilot projects. Recently, Amazon announced its own blockchain services. There are also reports about Facebook building a cryptocurrency for Whatsapp users in India. Enterprise adoption will be a huge plus for the cryptocurrency market, and we might see the first few commercial applications from these big businesses emerging in 2019. 
  2. Institutional investors – Big institutions such as NYSE (through Bakkt) and NASDAQ are already firming up their plans to enter the cryptocurrency market. The launch of these platforms will bring a lot of investor confidence in the market and should pave the way for a fresh influx of institutional money. This may just be the point for the next rally as well!
  3. Crypto-friendly regulations – Countries like Japan and Thailand have already drawn up detailed regulatory frameworks around cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The US, despite the SEC crackdown on some projects, has also been largely positive towards cryptocurrencies. We will see more such regulations being launched across the globe. This should have a positive impact on the market and attract a new breed of retail investors in the space.
  4. Security Token Offerings (STOs) – We expect STOs to gather steam 2019. Unlike ICOs, STOs are backed by a real asset such as stocks, mutual fund units or even real estate. STOs offer a compliant way to raise money through token sales and make the best of both traditional markets and token sale markets. While we don’t expect STOs to fully come into their own next year, the foundation for this new asset class will certainly be laid out. 
  5. Popular Dapp – We might also see the first popular dapp emerging in 2019. CryptoKitties has been the most popular dapp on the blockchain, but it could not sustain momentum due to Ethereum’s network congestion. We do think that we may see that first big dapp in 2019 which will bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the mainstream. 

Happy New Year! See you on the other side!

Got more predictions for us? Do let us know in the comments section below.