Presenting Genesis Hack – the Largest Blockchain Hackathon

The Blockchain revolution is well and truly upon us. Their distributed, permission-less, immutable and censorship resistant properties make blockchains ideal for many new types of applications. However, it requires a robust talent pool to leverage the blockchain revolution in India. The International Blockchain Congress (IBC) is leading the way forward with Genesis Hack – the largest blockchain hackathon in the country and perhaps the world. Built for the developer community, Genesis Hack encourages developers to engage with this new game-changing technology.

Genesis Hack will be a 6-month long, online and offline hackathon that will challenge the developers from all over India to solve some of blockchain’s most interesting problems. Nucleus Vision, one of the most renowned cryptocurrency projects in the world, is co-hosting the event along with IBC and Eleven01, in partnership with SpringRole, Murmur, XDAT, Nasscom and Host.Games.

The developers across India have a chance to win over 1 crore rupees in prize money. Genesis Hack is currently open for registrations and developers can choose from various hackathon tracks such as Protocol Track, Dapp Track and Security Track.

The Genesis Hack Bangalore Chapter recently held a meetup in the garden city which saw some of the city’s most talented blockchain developers come together to discuss about the technology, product development and lightning networks. More meetups across various cities in India will be held soon.

At theGenesis Hack launch event last month, Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, said, “There is a big talent gap in blockchain and given India’s existing engineering talent pool, we can very easily become a thriving blockchain developer ecosystem. Genesis Hack, the world’s biggest blockchain hackathon will ensure this happens in the coming years.”

If you area developer, we highly recommend that you register for the hackathon at the Genesis Hack website.This maybe your first step towards a highly rewarding career in an industry which is just getting its wings. Remember – Early adopters will make winners!

For more information, follow Genesis Hack on Twitter and Facebook.

Crypto Dost Media is proud to support Genesis Hack as a media partner and foster the blockchain revolution in India.