Countdown to the India Dapp Fest – Advancing Blockchain Technology in India

India’s largest open blockchain community, Blockchained India, which rose to fame with its roadshows for progressive crypto regulations earlier this year, is now hosting the India Dapp Fest – its biggest five-day blockchain conference in Bengaluru. The India Dapp Fest (IDF) will be held from June 11-15 at the LaLiT Ashok Hotel in Bengaluru.

IDF 2019 aims to bring the scale of global blockchain conferences to India.  The event features more than 100 enterprises, 750 developers, 40 speakers and 100 investors, among thousands of participants. The five-day fest will be running a hackathon and workshop for the first three days whereas the last two days will be dedicated to a focused blockchain conference.

Apart from the hackathon, the blockchain conference will bring the spotlight on the Indian blockchain startup ecosystem, regulatory challenges and real-world dapp use cases. In addition, there is a lot of excitement around the launch of the Digital Asset Regulations Policy Report which Blockchained India aims to submit to the government.

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We had a chat with Blockchained India Co-Founder Akshay Aggarwal recently where we discussed about the blockchain ecosystem in India, the state of cryptocurrency regulations in India and of course, the India Dapp Fest 2019. Do check it out.