Binance to Offer VIP Accounts to Hacked Users

The recent fracas around the ‘KYC Leak‘ at Binance has led the exchange to post a new update and action response for the incident. The company will provide affected users with a lifetime Binance VIP membership, including preferential trading fees, support, and more services.

According to the investigation update, Binance found that some of the leaked images overlapped with images that were processed by a third-party vendor contracted to Binance.

During our review of the leaked images, there were multiple photoshopped or otherwise altered images which do not match the KYC images in our database and are being accounted into the comprehensive investigation. In addition, every image processed through Binance for KYC purposes is embedded with a concealed digital watermark, which was notably absent from all of the leaked images.

Binance Statement

The company added that the affected users should add new identification documents from the affected regions.