Koinex users subject to a phishing attack

Popular Indian exchange Koinex has just reported a phishing attack targeted at its users. A fake Koinex ad has been seen for all Koinex-related searches on Google. If users click on the ad link, they are taken to a website which looks strikingly similar to the original Koinex website. However, the similarities end right here. The scammers have created this webpage only to elicit user emails and passwords to gain access to Koinex user accounts.

If users are not careful, they risk exposing sensitive data such as emails and passwords to the scamsters. Even though the phishing website looks like a copy of the original, there are subtle differences if you observe carefully. The word ‘koinex‘ is spelt as ‘kqinex‘ in the URL, along with inconsistencies in the website certificate.

We urge users to bookmark the official Koinex website and preferably use mobile apps when possible. Make it a practice to double-check the URLs while accessing the website. If anything seems off, please report immediately to Koinex. Also, ensure that you have set up Google 2FA or SMS 2FA to add an additional layer of security to your account and protect your cryptocurrencies.

(Image Credit: Koinex Blog)