Bitbns introduces P2P with USDT

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Bitbns has just launched another new feature on its P2P trading platform. Users can now deposit and withdraw INR using USDT on Bitbns P2P. the new mechanism, users can directly buy USDT by depositing INR and even sell USDT to withdraw INR. The P2P USDT mechanism works well because it eliminates the need (for buyers) to first deposit INR and then purchase USDT. it also simplifies the INR withdrawal process for sellers.

The exchange has one of the most robust P2P platforms in India today. Users can now deposit and withdraw INR on Bitbns through BidforX Vouchers, P2P bank Transfers and P2P USDT transfers. It is really good to see Indian cryptocurrency exchanges building their products at a time when the RBI banking restrictions, reports of a cryptocurrency ban and the bear market have made it extremely difficult to run a cryptocurrency-based business in the country.

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