Bitbns Launches New Browser Extension for Arbitrage Trading with Binance

Indian cryptocurrency exchange Bitbns has just launched a tool which can significantly benefit cryptocurrency traders in the country. Arbitrage traders in India have to currently switch back and forth between multiple exchanges and go through a number of steps before completing their trades. This results in loss of valuable time and an opportunity to generate greater profits. Through a new browser extension, Bitbns wants to solve this major painpoint in arbitrage trading.

Bitbns‘ new browser extension will allow users to check the arbitrage opportunity between Binance and Bitbns and execute the trade in near-instant time. This obliterates the need to switch tabs between these two exchanges to check prices and calculate profits and helps traders complete the trade directly through the extension. In fact, users can be on any of the exchange platforms and complete a trade on the other with this browser extension. Users can access this broswer extension here.

The new Bitbns extension is truly a useful tool in the hands of the traders who are scouring for opportunities in the bear market. By removing the friction associated with arbitrage trading, Bitbns has given users a chance to generate greater profits. The feature is currently available only for Bitbns Select users, and will be rolled out to the entire user base soon. Going forth, Bitbns will also integrate with other cryptocurrency exchanges, in addition to Binance.

We appreciate the continued efforts by our Indian cryptocurrency exchanges to offer innovative features to users. This is a testament to the talent that we have in India!