Blockchain Lawyer Varun Sethi Launches Online Petition for Regulation of Crypto Assets

Blockchain Lawyer Varun Sethi has launched an online signature campaign for the introduction of a regulatory framework for crypto assets. Ever since new details about the draft Banning of Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019 have emerged, the Indian crypto community has been in tenterhooks about the future of cryptocurrency in the country.

The speculation was further heightened when Rajya Sabha TV, the official mouthpiece of the Indian government, recently had a panel discussion around the banning of cryptocurrencies bill in their weekly show ‘Policy Watch’. This gave further credence to the fact that the Indian government is indeed considering a blanket cryptocurrency ban.

Varun has been calling for stronger action on part of the Indian crypto community for some time now. The petition is an effort to bring the community together and request the government to introduce crypto regulations in the country. Varun has stated that he will submit a physical copy of this petition at the Department of Economic Affairs and the Reserve Bank of India. He made this announcement during the recently concluded India Dapp Fest.

The petition for implementing a regulatory framework for crypto assets is well detailed taking into account the chronological timeline of events, recent media reports, global cryptocurrency regulations and suggestions for a cryptocurrency framework in India.

The purpose of this petition is to engage the blockchain community and the government in a more democratic and engaging environment to accelerate the implementation of regulatory framework regarding blockchain and CryptoAssets in India and relinquish the ambiguity which has developed around it. petition

At the time of writing, 2024 people had signed the petition. You can sign the petition here.