Cryptocurrency community Blockchained India to collect inputs and submit a crypto report to the government

An Indian blockchain community network called Blockchained India is set to become the latest group to voice its concerns around cryptocurrency regulation. According to a report on ET Tech, the community network will take suggestions from the Indian crypto community and compile these in a report which will be submitted to the government and the Indian media.

In addition, Blockchained India will also have open town halls in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi next months which will involve key cryptocurrency community members and they will be invited to offer their views on how cryptocurrencies can be beneficial to the nation.

Blockchained India is also going to host the India Dapp Fest 2019 and the report will be presented on that forum as well. Incidentally, even an international legal firm had submitted reccommendations for cryptocurrency regulation to the government recently. With Indian regulators taking a conservative stance against cryptocurrencies, it is imperative that the voice of the cryptocurrency community should reach them. The world is moving fast and India risks getting left behind if it takes such a regressive stance against crypto. Let’s hope the government has its ears open!