First Look at Koinex Pulse and ‘The First Block’: New Products from Koinex

Koinex recently launched three new products under its Delta Framework, with the final community-centric product – The First Block – released today. Koinex launched the developer-centric product Pulse and crypto converter Koinex Express over the last couple of days.

What is Koinex Pulse?

Pulse is an open source browser extension for the EOS blockchain aimed at the developer community. Available through Google Chrome and Brave browsers, Pulse enables an easy gateway to the EOS blockchain for developers.  

With Pulse, developers can do the following and more:

  • Create multiple accounts and collectively see all the transactions of the added accounts.
  • Create their own tokens as well as send/receive EOS-based tokens from anywhere.
  • Create and integrate any Dapp on Pulse and along with digital assets.

All of this can be done without the need for running a full EOS node. Pulse can also be sued for signing transactions after deploying a customised dapp on the EOS blockchain. More details can be found here.

What is The First Block?

The First Block (TFB) is a platform providing a collection of crypto resources. Hosted on a separate website, TFB contains podcasts, blogs, curated news, gags and interactive crosswords through which Koinex is trying to promote the  blockchain industry in India. This will help everybody to learn more about the developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry across the globe.

With these three innovations, Koinex has shown that it is more than just an exchange. It is trying to create an entire ecosystem for traders, developers and those on the fence about crypto – and that can only be a good thing!

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