India Dapp Fest Recapped – Showcasing the Power of Blockchain Technology in India

The recently concluded India Dapp Fest (IDF) 2019, organised by Blocumen Studios and powered by Blockchained India at Bengaluru from June 11-15, showcased the breadth of blockchain talent in India. The five-day event, which comprised of a hackathon and conference, saw participation from blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, professionals, developers, crypto proponents, blockchain startups and experts.

IDF, of course, was a follow-up to the nationwide roadshows conducted by Blockchained India to raise awareness about blockchain trends and gather opinions for presenting a blockchain-friendly regulation draft report and present it to the lawmakers of the country. The event brought together some brilliant minds to develop innovative products on top of blockchain technology and present a pitch for their big ideas. It was also an opportunity for India’s top blockchain talent to become a Draper University Hero, Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurship accelerator program!

Blockchain Hackathon

The first three days of the IDF were dedicated to a focused blockchain hackathon. The three days also saw interactive workshops conducted by experts from Matic Network, Algorand and Chain Security. The developers got a chance to learn from these experts first hand who guided, mentored and judged them for selection to the project pitching session. Eight participants were selected for the final pitching session. You can also read our earlier reports on Day 1 and Day 2 of the hackathon.

Blockchain Conference Day 1

The IDF blockchain conference opened with an exciting talk on ‘The Global Landscape of Digital Assets’ by Nitin Gaur who is the Director, Digital Assets WW, IBM. He spoke about IBM’s initiatives in the blockchain ecosystem and how other businesses can enter the space.

Nitin Gaur

There were also interesting panel discussions around topics as diverse as:

  • ‘Decentralized Ecosystems Around the World’, speakers being Anderson Tan – CEO and Founder of Alpha Omega Capital, Anna Melton -Founder – Decentralized Ventures, Akshay Aggarwal founder of Blockchained India.
  • ‘Access & Control on the Blockchain: Public, Private and Consortium Models’, moderated by Sam Noble CTO – EOS Dublin, Ravi Chandrasekaran – Practice Partner – Blockchain at Wipro Technologies, Gokul Alex – Associate Director, PwC.
Panel Discussion

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder Matic Network, also held an insightful talk on “Building to Scale: Side Chain Solutions”. Other exciting talks stemmed around topics such as ‘Quantum Cryptography & Protocols for the Future’, ‘Universal Payments on the Blockchain’ and ‘Unicorns of Blockchain: Too early in the day?’ The first day ended with the ‘Draper University Pitch Competition’, judged by Akshay Aggarwal, Anderson Tan, Saurabh Arora and Nitin Gaur.

Blockchain Conference Day 2

Day 2 of the conference began with a talk on ‘Guarding Smart Contracts’ by Jitendra Chittoda from Chain Security who also interacted with the audience and addressed their queries around security, smart contracts, and blockchain. It was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Locking Down Data on the Blockchain’ comprising from speakers such as Nilesh Trivedi from Clear Tax, Amol Kulkarni from Intel and Jitendra from Chain security.

After the panel session, the audience lapped up the views of Dr. Ajai Garg who leads the Department of Cyber Security International Corporation and Startup Innovation, MeitY from Government of India. He spoke about blockchain technology, the problems around this emerging technology and how to resolve them.

Post this talk, Gnana Lakshmi, Chief Technology Officer of Trustlin and a leadership fellow at ‘Women Who Code’, talked about ‘Transcending the Binary’ by citing the example of Women Who Code. It was followed by undoubtedly the most powerful session of the day about ‘Women in Blockchain’ which was organised to discuss diversity in blockchain and inspire more women to enter the space. The panel was moderated by India Dapp Fest’s branding manager and independent crypto journalist Tabassum with speakers Gnana Lakshmi, Anna Melton Managing Partner & Founder, Decentralized Ventures and Jessica Zartler, a Blockchain Anthropologist.

Women in Blockchain Panel Discussion

Another interesting talk was held by Sunil Aggarwal who discussed ‘Spiritual Politics of Blockchain Aspirants’ and sprinkled his talk with fascinating insights.

Keeping in fear the best way to rule effectively. The true essence of blockchain comes from being fearless. Remember, blockchain is not just a technology but a philosophy.

Sunil Aggarwal

Blockchain-Friendly Regulatory Draft Report

One of the biggest highlights of the day was the launch of the blockchain-friendly regulatory draft report. The Blockchained India team shared descriptive slides, representing nationwide observations about blockchain technology and the requirements of the Indian blockchain and crypto community.

Launch of the Regulatory Draft Report

The report was gathered after compiling insights and suggestions from enthusiasts in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. Anirudh Rastogi, partner at Ikigai Law, took the stage and spoke about recommendations for government to regulate cryptocurrencies.

The event ended with the award presentation ceremony of the Draper University Pitch competition.

The India Dapp Fest was a culmination of some of the sharpest minds from the Indian blockchain and cryptocurrency community. Looking forward to IDF 2020!

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