Nischal Shetty Meets BJP MP to Discuss Crypto Regulations

Nischal Shetty, the co-founder of Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX, had an exciting afternoon on Monday when he met, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who is a Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Member of Parliament (MP) and spoke on cryptocurrency regulations. In a tweet, Shetty said, “He’s given us some great guidance on how to approach positive regulations. He’ll be helping us take the right step forward. It’s always great to meet leaders who are pro innovation.”

Shetty further added, “The best thing about this meeting was the opportunity to hear progressive thoughts for Indian innovation from Mr. Rajeev. He has great ambitions for making India a pro innovation country. India needs more such leaders.”

Indeed, this is exciting because, just recently, the ruling party MP met with Charlie Shrem, the American entrepreneur and Bitcoin advocate for the latter’s podcast, Untold Stories. At the time, we had reported that Rajeev had stated that there is room for policies to evolve in the public policy space and be inclusive of innovation while addressing privacy and security concerns of the regulators. He had also said that India is a vibrant democracy which offers everyone a chance to discuss, narrate and debate an alternate viewpoint.

Shetty said, “With Mr. Rajeev willing to help, I’m super positive about the case for Crypto and innovation in India. It is now on all of us to keep innovating and keep spreading the right information about Crypto and Blockchain in India. Let’s do this.”

We reached out to the WazirX founder and he sounded equally enthusiastic, post his meeting with the MP. He told us, “Mr. Rajeev is a pro innovation leader and he understands blockchain and crypto and how it’s an innovative technology and that India should participate.”

When we quizzed Shetty on if he really believed that Chandrasekhar would truly push the crypto agenda forward, the former said, “Yup definitely! Next step he’ll help in October, will announce when it’s finalized.”

Here’s hoping something positive and pro-crypto materializes soon in India. Truly, it would be a wonderful change, after all these months.