Top 5 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies in India in 2019

A new report from has shown some interesting stats on the most popular cryptocurrencies in India. The news website collected data from Indian cryptocurrency exchanges WazirX, Bitbns, CoinDCX and Instashift to compile this report.

Here are the top 5 most popular cryptocurrencies traded in India in 2019:

Bitcoin (BTC) – The prima donna of cryptocurrencies continues to be the most actively traded cryptocurrency in the country. According to the report, WazirX has seen $6.5 million worth of BTC trades from January 1-March 7 whereas CoinDCX has traded 792 BTC in the same period. It is good to see Indian cryptocurrency investors continue placing their trust on the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Ethereum (ETH) – The world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market cap is also India’s second most popular cryptocurrency. Ethereum has seen $2 million worth of trades since the start of the year on WazirX. While it is actively traded on WazirX and Instashift, Ethereum is not among the top 5 cryptocurrencies traded on Bitbns and CoinDCX. Maybe here’s a good clue for traders on where they should be trading their ETH!

Ripple (XRP) – No surprises here! Ripple enjoys a great following in the country and is the most traded coin on Bitbns. It also enjoys good trading volumes on other Indian exchanges. WazirX has already traded nearly $2 million worth of XRP whereas CoinDCX has also been a happy hunting ground for XRP traders with 456 BTC worth of XRP trades.

Tron (TRX) – Mention cryptocurrencies in India and Tron will never be far behind! TRX perhaps has the most vibrant cryptocurrency communities in India and is actively traded on Indian cryptocurrency exchanges. Close to $1.7 million worth of TRX has been traded on WazirX whereas CoinDCX has seen 423 BTC worth of TRX changing hands. Even the newly launched Koinex Express has seen TRX become the most actively traded altcoin on the platform.

BitTorrent Token (BTT) – Barely within a month of its token sale, BitTorrent has already found a place among the most popular cryptocurrencies in India in 2019. Backed by Tron, BitTorrent has found a large community following behind it. In addition, the free monthly BTT airdrop to Tron holders may also be one reason the altcoin is being preferred by Indian cryptocurrency investors. WazirX users have traded $800,00 worth of BTT whereas CoinDCX users have traded 559 BTC worth of BTT.

Other notable cryptocurrencies traded on Indian exchanges include Theta, Binance Coin, Cardano, EOS and NEO.