Zebpay says your rupee withdrawals could stop. What should cryptocurrency investors do now?

In an important announcement, Indian cryptocurrency exchange has warned users that their INR withdrawals could stop anytime owing to the April 6th RBI circular on cryptocurrency. The Central Bank had asked banks to stop offering services to cryptocurrency businesses and gave banks a three-month deadline to wind up operations. The three-month deadline officially comes to a close on July 5th. In light of that, Zebpay was announced that INR deposits and withdrawals could stop any time if their associated bank accounts are disrupted. They have also said said that users indemnify Zebpay against any losses arising due to the sudden disruption of banking services. They have also asked users to place withdrawal requests now if they want to take out money from their Zebpay wallets. What should investors do after the July 5th deadline? Watch the video to know the answers.

(Image credit: https://blog.zebpay.com/zebpays-stance-on-forks-c85b10854e2e)

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