AWS Launches Amazon Managed Blockchain Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing arm of tech giant Amazon, has announced the general availability of Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) – a fully managed service that makes it easy to create and manage blockchain networks. Customers can use the service to quickly set up a blockchain network covering multiple AWS accounts.

The Amazon Managed Blockchain Service supports applications and transactions on popular open source frameworks such as Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum (coming later this year). The company also claims that it can scale to support millions of transactions.

“Customers want to use blockchain frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum to create blockchain networks so they can conduct business quickly, with an immutable record of transactions, but without the need for a centralised authority. However, they find these frameworks difficult to install, configure, and manage. Amazon Managed Blockchain takes care of provisioning nodes, setting up the network, managing certificates and security, and scaling the network. Customers can now get a functioning blockchain network set up quickly and easily, so they can focus on application development instead of keeping a blockchain network up and running.”

Rahul Pathak, General Manager, Amazon Managed Blockchain at AWS.

Leading companies such as AT&T, Nestlé, and Singapore Exchange Limited are already using the AMB service.

(Image Credit: Flickr)