Binance’s Trust Wallet now supports XRP and Credit Card Payments

Binance’s Trust Wallet has added support for credit card payments and Ripple (XRP). Credit card payments are being supported through its partnership with payments processor Simplex. In addition, users can now receive, send, store and exchange XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap through Trust Wallet.

With this integration, Trust Wallet now supports 17 cryptocurrency tokenswhich includes the likes of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), among others. It also provides access to hundreds of dapps.

The wallet has not yet disclosed information about the type of credit/debit card supported and the fee structure. Binance acquired Trust Wallet in July last year, and the wallet has since then evolved from an Ethereum and ERC-20 based token wallet to become a multi-currency wallet.

Viktor Radchenko, founder of Trust Wallet, said in the official blog:

“We want to increase access to crypto and decentralised applications for all users. Adding credit card payments is one piece to furthering cryptocurrency adoption and realising our larger vision in helping to bring the freedom of money, and we will continue to integrate more blockchains and features to Trust. Our recent open-sourcing of Trust Wallet Core also makes it easy for developers to integrate new blockchains and we encourage everyone to check out the library.”

Trust wallet is a decentralised mobile wallet application which boasts of an intuitive UI androbust security features. It will also be the native wallet in the upcoming BinanceDEX which is scheduled for launch in Q2 2019.

Binance seems to be going all out to make an impact across all the different areas of cryptocurrency adoption. What’s next we wonder!

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