Coinbase Adds EOS, Augur (REP) and Maker (MKR)

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has just added three more crypto assets on its Coinbase Pro platform. EOS, Augur (REP) and Maker (MKR) are the three new cryptocurrencies which will now be available to Coinbase users. The exchange has already started accepting inbound transfers for these cryptocurrencies since April 8th, 2019.

EOS and Augur will be available in every jurisdiction supported by Coinbase Pro, except New York state. Maker will be available for all Coinbase Pro-supported regions outside the US. Newer jurisdictions for each asset will be added soon.

Once sufficient liquidity is established, Coinbase Pro will begin trading for the following order books:


Coinbase will continue to follow its practice of four stages for the launch. The order books will move through the following phases: Transfer-only, Post-only, Limit-only and Full Trading. Coinbase Pro will also add more order books with time. A separate announcement for the Coinbase exchange will be made later.

Despite the announcement, there was no effect on the price of these cryptocurrencies as most were trading in the red compared to the last 24 hours. The last coins listed on Coinbase were Ripple and Stellar.

(Image Credit: Coinbase Blog)