Coinbase Thinking About Margin Trading

After leading exchange Binance made the plunge, Coinbase may be next in line to offer leveraged crypto trading. In an interview with The Block, Emilie Choi, VP of Business, Data & International at Coinbase, said that the firm will take steps to offer leveraged trading.

Margin lend borrow is definitely going to be a next big step for us, especially on the active trader side.

Emilie Choi, VP of Business, Data & International at Coinbase to The Block

While margin trading regulations in the US are better established, it can be tricky to launch leveraged crypto trading in unregulated markets. The continued conversations around regulations have slowed down Coinbase’s efforts towards launching futures and options.

It is good to see major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase accelerating efforts towards launching margin trading products. This shows that the cryptocurrency market is maturing at a fast clip. And that’s good news for the entire crypto ecosystem!