CoinMarketCap Launches New Apps with Added Features

Cryptocurrency market intelligence platform CoinMarketCap has just launched a new Android app and revamped its iOS app with added features. The new apps will include metrics such as price alerts, portfolio tracking, candlestick charts and lots of other useful information.

Unlike earlier, users will now have to sign in to these apps to access features such as portfolio tracking and watch lists. CoinMarketCap may also sync these with its website at some point in the future.

The move is part of CoinMarketCap’s efforts to move away from just market capitalisation, and focus on other metrics. Many other data providers like Messari are catching up to CoinMarketCap’s dominance and offering newer metrics to understand the state of the market.

These new apps indicate that CoinMarketCap is willing to change course in order to maintain its dominance in the market. The exchange had also recently integrated Flipside’s Fundamental Crypto Asset Score metric on its website.

(Image Credit: CoinMarketCap | Twitter)

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