Cryptocurrency Case Update: Supreme Court to decide on constitutional validity of RBI banking ban

According to a new update provided by Crypto Kanoon, the counsel representing cryptocurrency exchanges put forth an argument in the Supreme Court about the constitutional validity of the RBI banking ban and requested that the matter be heard as a separate issue from the government committee report. In what should come as good news for Indian cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the Supreme Court of India also recognised that since the businesses of exchanges are getting affected, the validity of the RBI banking ban should be heard and decided. The matter will be heard in the last week of February, most likely on the previously mentioned date of February 26, 2019.

Last week, Crypto Kanoon had said that the case was adjourned because senior counsel from both the parties were not present in the apex court for the hearing on January 16th. However, that was not the case since the court was actually tied up with other pre-scheduled matters.

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