HTC Launches Cheaper Blockchain-Enabled Phone, Exodus 1s

Almost a year after launching its blockchain-enabled phones, HTC launched a cheaper version of its blockchain-friendly phones, in a bid to entice people into buying cryptocurrencies as well as to be easier on the pockets, unlike Samsung and Apple.

On Saturday, the Taiwan-based phone company launched the Exodus 1s, which is a slightly smaller version of its magnum opus Exodus 1. News portal CNBC reported that, the Exodus 1 cost 0.15 bitcoins over $1,189 at current prices, similar to that of a high-end iPhone or Galaxy, but eventually brought down its price to $699.

The new device costs 219 euros ($244), or whatever is the equivalent in cryptocurrency. HTC chief decentralized officer, Phil Chen told the news portal that the new handset comes equipped with cryptocurrency-friendly features that allow users to exchange, borrow and lend cryptocurrencies. Chen said, “This is a completely different device. The Exodus 1 is still available and is hitting our internal targets. We’ve been delighted with the response.”

The most distinctive feature about the phone is, it can run a “full bitcoin node.” Apart from that Chen added that this would enable cryptocurrency wallets on the phone to “calculate the user’s balance and ensure that future transactions are verified, further ensuring that the balance is actually owned by the spender.”

The race to introducing blockchain-equipped phone will only get more intense, given that earlier this year, Samsung had introduced its flagship phone Galaxy S10 and had announced it being equipped with a feature to store private keys. However, it seemed that the smartphone maker has gone all in on cryptocurrencies. According to reports that emerged from the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 in Barcelona, Samsung will come in with a built-in crypto wallet on its flagship phones.

Crypto Dost had reported that the wallet reportedly allowed users to store Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), ERC-20 tokens and ENJ (Enjin’s own coin). Most of the available indicators point that the smartphone maker has partnered with Enjin for its cryptocurrency wallet.

Image credit: File Photo