IOTA and Volkswagen join hands for ‘Digital CarPass’

Leading car maker Volkswagen has roped in IOTA for bringing blockchain technology in the automobile space. The product, called ‘Digital CarPass’ is like a report card which will use IOTA’s Tangle ledger technology to track vehicle data and ensure that it is reliable. According to reports, Digital CarPass will be ready by 2019.

Earlier, in CeBIT 2018, the two companies came together with a Proof-of-Concept (POC) proposition to showcase how Tangle can be integrated with Volkswagen’s autonomous vehicles. The Volkswagen-IOTA partnership ‘rumour’ has been around for some time and it is good to see that an actual working product maybe on the cards. It is also one of the the first projects that seeks to combine IoT and Blockchain technology in the automobile space.

While the project may not use actual MIOTA tokens and only employ Tangle technology, we can’t help but think that some value of this partnership may accrue to the actual price of the token. At the time of writing, IOTA was trading at $0.69.

(Image credit: Wikipedia)

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