Litecoin to sponsor UFC fight

You must have heard of media partners, network partners and advertising partners, but what about a cryptocurrency partner? Litecoin Foundation has just announced that it will sponsor an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fight between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson which is going to take place on December 29th at Inglewood, California.

It is the first time that the popular UFC has partnered with a cryptocurrency. The Litecoin Foundation said in its official announcement:

“This is a milestone for Litecoin and cryptocurrency in general as no other coin has sponsored a UFC event to date. With brands and institutions continuing to push into cryptocurrency and blockchain, this is yet another signal of this technology moving closer towards the mainstream.”

This event will drive huge visibility for Litecoin (LTC) since its logo will be displayed on the canvas of UFC Octagon. UFC has millions of fan followers and this exposure should increase the brand awareness for Litecoin.

Incidentally, it is not the first time that sports has been associated with cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, football giant Arsenal had signed up a sponsorship deal with CashBet Coin. In addition, football clubs such as Juventus and Avaí have also made plans to launch their own tokens.