Telegram cancels public ICO, and more updates

In this cryptocurrency news update, we first look at big news coming about the Telegram ICO. According to reports, Telegram has cancelled its public ICO because it has already raised $1.7 Billion in its private sale from accredited investors. Retail investors were looking forward to participate in the TON ICO which was deemed as the biggest ICO of the year. In other big news, Goldman Sachs has announced that it will begin Bitcoin Futures trading soon. It is good to see traditional finance companies like Goldman Sachs make a U-Turn in their stance about cryptocurrencies and recognise its potential. South Korea is continuing to make crypto-friendly regulations and is looking at drafting a new bill to legalize ICOs. This is definitely a great step for cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation in South Korea.

In other news, Reddit has said that it will start accepting cryptocurrency payments again. It till be utilising Coinbase Commerce services and will accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payments from users. Additionally, IOTA has been listed on Huobi pro exchange while Lisk has been added on Cryptopia exchange. Lastly, we look at news from Electroneum which is seeing increasing mainstream adoption as Megaxstore has begun accepting ETN for online payments.