Tron announces TronChat: a new dapp on its blockchain

Amidst a range of exciting announcements made this week, Tron announced its new social media dapp called TronChat. Built on it own blockchain technology and powered by the TRX token, the features of this new decentralised app were made public in a Medium post by the Tron Foundation.

Jokingly referred to as the blockchain baby of Instagram, Venmo and Telegram, the app combines a lot of features from popular platforms like Instagram and Telegram. While mainstream social media platforms only allow interactions and exchanges, TronChat will allow users and business entities multiple ways to earn TRX while using the platform. Incidentally, Steemit is the most popular decentralised social media network.

Salient features include the ability to chat, share content and media and create chatrooms. Where TronChat differs is its functionality which allows users to send each other TRX tokens. In addition, businesses can also utilise TronChat to create premium or subscription-based content which can only be accessed by paying TRX.

Currently, the actual date of the TronChat launch is not out as it is still under development but the Tron Foundation intends to launch the dapp soon. Tron also launched a TRX mobile wallet called TronWallet today, and is preparing for a Tron Virtual Machine launch on August 30th.

At the time of recording, TRX was trading at a little above $0.025, up 20% in the last week (Source: Coinmarketcap).