TRON Founder Justin Sun has a $4.57 Million Dinner Date with Warren Buffett

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, has pulled off another marketing heist! He has placed a record breaking bid of $4.57 million for a charity auction to secure a lunch date with renowned investor and vocal cryptocurrency critic Warren Buffett.

According to Bloomberg, Buffett has been holding this charity auction for decades to support a San Francisco-based charity organization called Glide. Sun can bring in as many as seven friends to dine with the Berkshire Hathaway CEO. Notably, this year’s bid was 38% higher than the winning bid in 2018. 

Justin Sun tweeted about this lunch date yesterday:

Not surprisingly, Crypto Twitter had a lot to say about Sun’s lunch date:

There is a lot of speculation around the conversation that will take place between Sun and Buffett. Can Sun convince Buffett about the merits of cryptocurrencies? Only time and Sun, of course, will tell!

(Image Credit: Justin Sun | Twitter)
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