TRON News: TRON mainnet launched officially, no effect on price of TRX

In this TRON update, we look at today’s TRON mainnet launch. In what will mark a new beginning for the TRON Foundation, the cryptocurrency project began transitioning from the Ethereum blockchain to its own blockchain today. Called Odyssey 2.0, this mainnet launch happened on May 31st, 12 am UTC in an event which was live streamed by founder Justin Sun. The network will be in the beta phase, and the actual TRX token migration will happen between June 21 to June 24. You will have to transfer your TRX coins from your own wallets to a supporting cryptocurrency exchange if you do not want to lose your TRX. The transition will be completed on June 25. Justin Sun has also launched a bug bounty programs for developers in the beta phase where developers can get rewards fo reporting bugs. Can TRON cryptocurrency live up to its hype?

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