WazirX Launches P2P Platform in Indonesia

Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX has just launched its P2P platform in Indonesia. The country will become the first international destination for WazirX’s P2P platform. Cryptocurrency traders in Indonesia can now start using the P2P platform to deposit and withdraw IDR for free. The exchange has already opened up crypto-to-crypto trading for international users.

We recently did a soft launch of our Crypto to Crypto trading for global users. We’ve seen a very good response from Indonesia and a few other countries. Since this is the first time we’re expanding to new countries, we wanted to launch for one country first and then expand to rest of the countries from where we’re seeing good demand.

Nischal Shetty, CEO of WazirX

WazirX plans to roll out its P2P product globally in two phases. During the first phase, the exchange will make its P2P technology available in multiple countries. The second phase will involve a more aggressive marketing push to increase visibility in front of international users.

Speaking about the impact of this international launch on the WazirX ecosystem, Nishcal added, “More than WazirX, we see this as a good reason for the entire crypto ecosystem to benefit. We want to ensure that fiat-to-crypto conversion is fast, free and easy for everyone around the world. If we’re able to achieve this with P2P, then we would see a bigger influx of users moving from fiat to crypto.”