Releases EOSIO™ 2 and New Blockchain Developer Tools

BLACKSBURG, VA, October 7, 2019 – today announced the release candidate of EOSIO™ 2, the highly anticipated Version 2 of its EOSIO protocol. Announced earlier this year during the company’s seminal #B1June event, EOSIO 2 continues’s commitment to the community by radically improving the developer experience through the development of a custom-built engine called EOS VM, support for industry-standard authentication, and tools that significantly improve the onboarding of developers.

At the heart of this latest update is the development of EOS VM, a high-performance WebAssembly (WASM) engine specialized for applications built on EOSIO. Internal benchmarking shows the release of EOS VM offers up to a 16x performance gain over EOSIO 1.0, resulting in dramatically increased processing times of smart contracts.

Additionally, EOSIO is now the first blockchain protocol to adopt WebAuthn authentication standards to bring greater security and usability to applications built on the EOSIO platform. WebAuthn allows the use of a hardware device for authenticating and signing transactions in a browser without extensions or other software installed on a user’s device.

With EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE, new developers can go from start to ready-to-build in minutes.

“ is delivering on what we promised for EOSIO 2,” said Dan Larimer, CTO of “With enhanced performance and support for the latest web authentication standard, we’ve made using blockchain applications even easier for the masses. By lowering the costs and increasing the protocol’s scalability, is continuing to make EOSIO the fastest, most secure and easiest to use protocol on the market today.”

The four major components in EOSIO 2 include:


A high-performance WebAssembly (WASM) engine specialized for blockchain applications that facilitates more efficient use of system resources when processing smart contracts. In’s internal benchmarking, EOS VM has achieved a 16x performance increase in smart contract processing time over Binaryen, which was originally released with EOSIO 1.0.

EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE

A powerful new web-based development tool for building EOSIO applications that is aimed at dramatically reducing the barriers for new developers, who usually face a daunting multi-step process . Now in the alpha support stage, the EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE can be set up in minutes and run in any browser, regardless of RAM and CPU related system requirements.

WebAuthn Support 

EOSIO support for WebAuthn is a step towards secure and seamless transaction signing without needing to keep track of private keys or other account information. With this release of WebAuthn support for EOSIO, developers can begin testing transaction signing with WebAuthn in their EOSIO applications.

Weighted Threshold Multi-Signature Block Production Support

To provide block producers with a complete high availability solution to efficiently maintain block production, EOSIO 2 features support for Weighted Threshold Multi-Signature Block Production. Block producers are able to securely sign blocks by utilizing a permission layer that allows for multiple block signing keys in a flexible scheme without sharing any sensitive data.

The official announcement of EOSIO 2 can be found here.

About is a global software company specializing in high performance blockchain software. In 2018, it published EOSIO, a free, open-source protocol designed to bring speed, scalability, and ease of use to the secure and transparent fundamentals of distributed databases.’s venture capital arm, EOS VC, invests in companies, projects, and developers around the world leveraging EOSIO technology.



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